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What kind of Boat will we be on?

Coastal Maine Boat Charters currently operates a Proline 251. She has a deep V hull which cuts through the water offering a smooth ride. The design sits high out of the water protecting passengers from sea spray while offering a cubby cabin with fresh water sinks, bathroom, and seating.

Onboard we have a fresh water system supplying water to rear transom sink, as well as both sinks in the cabin. There is also a head (toilet) for passengers convinience.

In 2022 we outfitted the boat with an upgraded electronics package which includes radar which sits on top of our hard-top Bimini, fish finder, down scan, and side scan, which allows us to see a digital picture of the sea floor under the boat. The full Simrad integration also allows the Captain to monitor the re-powered 2008 Yamaha 250 outboard while monitoring our charted gps position on dual 9inch screens. An upgraded radio and antenna allows the Captain to hail and receive radio communications more clearly, at a further range.

The cubby cabin offers ample storage to keep your belongings dry and secure, and doubles as sleeping quarters for the Captain when passengers charter overnight camping trips to one of the several islands around Penobscot Bay. (Yes you can do that, and we are happy to plan a trip for you!)

When you book a private charter with us, passengers can choose between a dining set up with table and chairs, or lounging set up with inflatable couches and chairs. Our seating can be stowed for fishing trips which maximizes deck space for battling that trophy tuna! Onboard we carry light casting rods for unforgettable striper fishing, and heavy duty rods and reels for targeting bigger, heavier ground fish and offshore pelagic fish such as bluefin tuna!

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